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Thread: eyelets (rim)

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    eyelets (rim)

    several weeks ago I ordered a set of rims..

    When I got them, I was surprised that these rims didn't have eyelets.. It was supposed to be the lightest one in its class.. I really expected it would at least have eyelets..

    At that time, Rigida's site was undergoing upgrades, so I wasn't able to do research..

    BTW, I got the Rigida Sphinx 622(700C)..

    Just recently rigida site was back, I checked.. there are two sphinx models (w/c I really didn't know 'til now).. The Sphinx(mine) and the Sphinx-R. the latter had eyelets and the sphinx none..

    So my question is.. would it matter? durability wise? this is the first set of rims that I had that didn't have eyelets..

    BTW, specs on both rims are identical, except for the eyelets..

    what should i expect?


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    Yes it matters. The eyelets reinforce the rim where the spokes exert all their force on the rim. I've seen rims crack, and spokes pull through rims that didn't have eyelets. If you are concerned with longevity my opinion is that it would be worth the wait to exchange these rims for the model with eyelets. If you decide to use these rims, you can put a small washer between the nipple and rim, which will help distribute the force over a greater area, and all but eliminate the possibility of pull through.
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