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    disassembling my Bagley

    Ok. I have a Mosh Bagley. I've been looking into painting it.
    So I guess I need to take it apart. Well I need help getting
    my crank off. How can I get it off without buying a crank
    tool? And the topic of painting it. I want to remove all
    the paint. So I guess a chemical stripper? Whats the best
    way to get all the paint off. Once I can strip my Bagley to
    the frame and get the old paint off Im gonna have a car
    dealership paint it for me. (Mom works there making it free)

    1. How to remove Crank.
    2. How to remove old paint.

    Thanks for your help in Advance.

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    To remove the crank, use the right tools unless you don't plan on reusing it (but you'll still need the right tools to install the new one). I don't know what type of crank came on your bike but searching ought to find you the answer. You'll probably need a crank puller and a bottom bracket tool to fully strip the frame.

    To remove the old paint, heavy duty paint stripper or a sand/bead blasting chamber would be my first thoughts. Ask the paint shop if you can't find anything that works.

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