I bought a set of these and put them on the front tire went on no problems pumped it up to 80psi and started doing the back.

The back started to pinch so I did it again started to pinch again, 3rd time went on pumped to 80 psi rode for 3 blocks and BOOOOM blowout. Walked home put another tube in pumped up 3 1/2 blocks boom. Did it again and boom.

Now im pissed I take the tire to the trek store I got my bike from and they mount the tube. WORKS great for about 100 miles and blows when I am on a 87 mile ride about ride 64 because of a broken spoke. 3 more tubes blow though while pumping them up.

I took the tire back to the trek store and they said it was the tire so I bought a new crossroad tire from the specialized store brought it to them and they mounted it. This tire seems like it is wobbling the rim is true and I can hold my finger on the brake and barely touch the rim and no bends but the tire seems like its ready to blow off again there is a wobble to it.

My question is the Specialized store I bought these from do not seem too busy and these may have sat around for a year or so and they were sort of bent looking when I bought them could the tires be bad I bought from here?

I hope I explained this in enough detail I really am new and dont know what to look for. The trek store blames the specialized tire and the specialized store blames the bontrager rim classic dilemma?