had a woman come in to the shop I worked at with an '03 Jamis Quest (full chrome steel road bike), complaining about the deterioration of the finish. Part of the top tube decal had started to peel, and then while looking around the frame, I noticed other parts of a clear finish had started to lift up. I don't know if it was clearcoat--looked more like a plastic applique that had degraded and delaminated. It was soft and I could easily take it off with a fingernail.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with anything similar. Oddly enough, it was only on one side of the bike, which led me to suspect maybe UV or carbon monoxide damage from storing outside or in a garage.

Of course she wanted it warranteed for a new frame, but I told her that it was unlikely that Jamis would replace a frame purely for minor aesthetic issues, but that she might be able to get new decals. The chrome underneath looked great and was didn't affect the functionality of the bike at all other than she thought it looked tatty and didn't want to spend time to remove the coating and put on some car wax.