I have a 1995 GT Aggressor that I posted about some time back about a broken fork. I called GT and asked about the fork recall and GT Replied that it was too old and they would not be supporting the recall any more. Some BF members posted that I contact the Dept of Consumer Affairs about it, which I did. After an interesting conversation W/ the DOCA I was told that it was interesting that GT would not support the recall as recalls are permenant and that they can or cannot choose what recalls to provide support to. So they assigned an investigator to my case.

After a month of my calling DOCA I was told that GT acknoledged my claim and would be in contact. After another month of my calling DOCA I received an email from Pacific Bikes stating that they would be sending me a replacement fork for my bike. And 2 weeks later it arrived

A nice shiney Suntour SF-XCT-MLO w/ lockout features and adjustable preload.

Now I need to buy a stem and riser and swap the bearing set and brakes... but I got the fork!!!

Much thanks to BF members for prodding me to keep at this and certainly thanks to and DOCA folks for staying on GT