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    bearing sizes old americal classic cr-420

    I have just dismantled my rear hub for an amrican clasic 420 wheelset. Im wondering what the bearing sizes are for me to get replacements for these bearings. I think there are 4 bearings. All it says on the bearing is cane creek nr600 or something. But does not have a standard bearing size indicator like 606 or whatever. Also the bearing covers are bubbled like they were baked and I'm wondering if this is normal.

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    Can you measure the inside and outside diameters of the bearings? I used to expect 12mm inner and 28mm outer from AC, standard size 6001, used by LOTS of other mfrs, but I'm not conversant with freehub and suspension hub specs for AC.

    Three critical measurements, probably metric:

    1. inner diameter

    2. outer diameter

    3. thickness

    With those numbers, you should be able to find the bearing you need. Sheldon probably has a chart.



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