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    Disk Brake Mounting Problem???

    got a new hayes disk today and tried fitting it. it fitted easy to the hub and the forks but, the disk rubs on the inside of the caliper so my wheel moves slowly??
    also, one of the six screws wont screw into the hub (it seems to have glue or something in the hole which i wasnt aware of when i bought the bike second hand (was a jump bike so had one rear disk))


    thanks, Jamie

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    1. The bad disc mounting hole probably has some dirt or something in it. The best way to clean it out would be with the right sized tap but you might be able to get by with a spritz of something like WD40 followed by a blast of compressed air.

    2. You need to align the caliper with the disc. Usually, with a fork post mount, you can do that by installing the caliper mounting bolts just tightly enough that the caliper will move from side to side. Then clamp the brake and tighten the bolts. With a mechanical brake you might have to fiddle with the adjustment a couple of times to get it exactly right. With almost all mechanical brakes only one of the pads move so you want to adjust it so that the stationary pad almost, but not quite, touches disc.

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