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    adjusting derailleur cable tension??

    I just finished installing my derailleurs on my bike. Two questions...

    1. I have a Cannondale Caad5 frame. Is it common for derailleur cables that are along the down tube to be so close to the frame or am i being anal? It seems like in the long run it will scratch the frame.

    2. Is it ideal to keep the cables as snug as possible without it shifting the gears? So after I install the derailleurs, should I use the barrel adjusters to get it as tensioned as possible?

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    1. How close to the frame? I have no idea from your description. It won't hurt if they brush the downtube occasionally, probably won't scratch the frame as they actually move very little.
    2. The cable tension is whatever it takes to get the indexing right, it will not be loose even on the largest cog as then you won't be able to get enough tension to shift to the next one with one shifter click.

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