I'm not sure where the "appropriate" place to post this would be, but I've run across quite a few Vermonters in this forum in the Past that would be interested in Montpelier Freeride, Central Vermont's own bike coop.

We've been around just about a year now, and our first season open has been a resounding success in spite of the fact we haven't done much to promote it, and even in this small town of 8000, most people still don't know where we are or when we're open. This info is all on our webpage, but most people (even some of our die-hard volunteers don't even know we HAVE one.

I always talk the coop up around town, but in the last few days I've started trying to leverage our myspace page to get the word out better. I know some folks are ambivalent about Myspace, and some are downright hostile towards it, but a lot of people use it, and that makes it a great way to promote a small regional organization like ours. So I've been trying to get a lot more "friends" for Freeride. Once we've got a lot of people friending us, the chances that someone will stumble on our page will get much greater, and it will be a great way to get the word out about special events and workshops as well. The more people that know about us the better, so if you have a Myspace page and you live i the area, or have friends who do, please add us as a friend.