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    Marzzochi Question

    Hey can't seem to find much info on this anywhere, hope someone can help!

    I bought a set of Marzocchi suspension forks second hand a few months ago, they have been amazing performance-wise but recently I had noticed oil on the right hand side lower leg. Thinking this was the seal I thought no big deal to get fixed, that was until,on closer inspection, I realized the actual lower assembly is cracked and leaking oil It isn't a huge crack and so far has had absolutely no effect on the fork's performance but I'm not sure they're safe,and also with the oil gradually leaking away won't last much longer like this! I'd love to save these forks but have been hard pressed to find replacement lower legs..the best i have come up with are "MX COMP 2004 LOWER LEG & ARCH ASSEMBLY" for 180 dollars... looking at pics of these and my forks it looks as if mine are the same model, except older...exact same travel,color scheme, set up...only difference I can see is different decals

    So my question is should I buy these replacement lower legs? Is the sizing difference between 105mm regular axle marzocchi lower leg models that different? Also is 180 dollars to expensive? I bought the forks for 70 dollars after all, I'd buy new, but anything for 180 dollars is a downgrade to the marzocchis...

    If anyone has any advice on this or done this please help!

    Thanks (sorry I misspelled marzocchi in the tread title...!)

    Edit: I'm almost certain the forks I have are 2002 Marzocchi EXR's...assuming the stanchion diameters were the same, could I fit the 2004 MX lower legs???
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    I'm a big fan of Marzocchi forks, too. I've got an '01 Z2 Atom Race that's just been bombproof and buttery smooth. The forks are easy to service for routine maintenance, but I'm sorry, I really have no idea what you'd be getting into in replacing the lowers, cost or otherwise. On your '02 fork, I'd guess the stanchions are 30mm diameter, FWIW. Also, the stock oil in your fork was probably Golden Spectro brand motorcycle fork oil, in 7.5wt. Any synthetic motorcycle fork oil ranging from 5wt to 15wt., depending on preference, should work. I will say that with the fork being cracked, I wouldn't ride it anymore. Cambria Bicycle Outfitters has carried a fairly good selection of suspension fork replacement parts in the past, you might look at their website or better yet, give them a call and give them the info on your specific fork and see if they can help you out.

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