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    Tektro z link lengths?

    I'm building up a Surly Cross check and have been sort of using the components on the Cross-Check complete build as a guide. To that end I have put on these brakes:

    Tektro's 862A cantilevers

    it comes with a Z-link wire but I think it's a tad short. When the angle is adjusted correctly the pads are right up against the rims and cannot be adjusted any further out. I could probably get away with it but I'd prefer a little more adjustablility. You can buy the tektro z-link wires separately in various lengths but I'm uncertain of what length comes with the brakes. Measuring the tubular leg gives me a measure of 78mm...which doesn't match any of the "separately sold" wires. Measured from the end of that leg to the vertex of the angle with the other leg gives 85mm... again no match. So the question is, does anyone know what size z-link comes with the brakes or how the size is measured?


    Michael Brock
    Fredericksbur, VA

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    I hate to dig up an old post, but I have this question as well?

    I have some old caliper brakes that I am trying to bring back to life, but am not sure which length of z link to get.

    Thanks for your help.

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