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    is this worth the effort?

    alright here is a puzzle. i recently purchased a used raleigh cadent (i think the 3.0). the kid i bought it from had it set up as a fixed (even though it has vertical drop-outs he/i got lucky with chain length). he also gave me the original unused rear wheel which has a cassette. Here are the specs for the two wheels:

    Quando flip/flop hub - RP15F alex rim - Hutchinson basic flash tire

    JoyTech hub w/ 8-gear cassette - DC19 alex rims - Vittoria zaffiro aramid 3d compound tire

    from what i've been able to find out online the rp15f is one of the cheapest rims around? my options as i see it are:

    1) use the cheap (?) rear wheel and sell the original mint condition wheel (i have no idea how much its worth)

    2) lace the quando flip/flop hub to the dc19 rim (i would have to get help with that) and maybe get a few bucks for whats left?

    3) try to sell both wheels (again, don't know how much i could get) and maybe get a deep V rear wheel with flip-flop hub?
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    Make sure this wasn't one of the Cadents subject to a fork recall.

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