I am upgrading my '07 Pinarello Galileo, and I have an Isis FSA Carbon Pro Compact crankset, and an Isis FSA Platinum Pro Titanium Italian thread BB to install.

The BB came with a set of black aluminum M14 crank bolts with a rubber O ring around the drive end. It also came with a thin washer labeled Pedal Washer. There was no other washer included.

The Crankset came with an aluminum M15 crank bolt, which obviously I can't use with the 14mm BB, but the crank bolt had a washer installed under the bolt head.

Since this is a carbon crank arm, do I need a washer under the crank arm bolt? If I do, is there anything special I need in terms of alloy?

Or do i just use the M14 crank arm bolts that came with the BB with no washer?

Also, the .pdf file I downloaded from FSA said that 2 sets of bolts were supplied with the FSA Titanium bottom brackets, a set of M14 aluminum and also a set of M14 steel Cro-Mo to use for installation, but mine only came with the aluminum.

Where can I get the steel M14 Cro-Mo "installation" bolts?

Thanks in advance...