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    Help with a Mystery Frame!

    I just picked up a road bike from a police auction, and I can't figure out what the hell it is. It had the usual police auction seven layers of paint, and a mix of parts from all over (nervar cranks, but modolo calipers, superbe fd, 105 rd, etc). Here's what I do know:

    -The lugs have cutouts in them, and the cable is routed internally along the top tube.
    -There was a plastic cable guide on the bottom bracket that says "Modele VITUS Depose"
    -There are three sets of numbers on the bottom bracket. First: "F012565". Underneath that it says "U95974", then "14F".
    -The bottom bracket is also English (or standard, or whatever it's called now) threaded.
    -It also came with a chrome fork with a semi-sloping fork crown. The dropouts have a peculiar angled look to them.
    The frame does have shifter braze-ons. The dropouts say nothing on them whatsoever, but they are forged, and not stamped steel, and with the same angled outside edges. I'm not looking to do any sort of classic restoration, but I am curious as to what the heck this bike is. Any information would be great to have!

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    My advice is to post this on the Classic and Vintage forum, along with some pics-

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