I would like to swap the drive system from my old cross bike to a new road
aluminum frame set.

The old FD is used with a mid size triple (46t big ring). It is clamped to a steel 29.3 mm dia seat tube on the old bike The clamp dia (assuming the seat tube)on the new frame is stated at "31.8" mm (It actually measues 32.3 mm, due to paint?)

Will there be enough clamp adjustment on the FD to accommodate the larger
seat tube? The FD is a vintage Shimano 2XX CX and works perfectly.

I have a new Deore FD that I tried some time ago on my old bike which I never
could get to adjust satisfactorily (I was a newbie at the time). It has 2 sets of clamp bushings for respectively 29.2 and 31.8 mm clamp diameters.
So I guess I have a fall back position.