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    Park tools in Europe?

    Does anyone know of a good (read cheap) source for Park tools in Europe? By the time you add shipping, VAT, customs, etc. to shipments from the U.S., they can be as much as twice what they are at Performance, Lickton, etc.

    I have found a few national distributors around Europe (GROFA, for example), but they are similarly high.

    I will be at BikeMotion 2001 in Utrecht on Saturday, but really don't expect to see much of a bargain there either.

    Alternatively, are there similar quality tools over here for less? Rohloff make nifty ones, but not nearly all the ones I want, and usually very expensive as well.


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    Campagnola makes great tools that you can buy individually instead of the complete boxed set. VAR, a French Co, also makes very good tools. I would suspect they are more common in Europe than in the USA. I've had many of their hand and frame tools for years and they've outlasted some of the older-type Park tools. The Japanese also make some quality tools. Hozan is a name that comes to mind.
    Keep looking. You'll find what you need. Just don't restrict yourself to a particular brand.

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