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    Flight Deck connector compatibilty

    I want to use a sm-6500-rs Flight Deck mount with the sc-6502 computer head. I have Ultegra 10Speed 6600 shifters.

    The sm-6500-RS has a wired wheel pickup and the connectors pods that go to the shifters (one button each side). It also came along before the 10speed shifters so it is listed as a 9speed mount.

    The sc-6502 is the 10speed Flight Deck. It is backwards compatible to 9speeds, 8speeds, etc, as long as the shifters have the flight deck wiring. But Shimano says to use the NEW sm-sc70 Wireless mount for 10speed shifters ;(

    My Question:

    What is it about the sm-6500-rs that makes it incompatible to mount it into the 10speed shifters?

    Has anybody tried it?

    The only thing I can think of is they changed the connector style or shape inside the shifter in the 10 speed so they had to change the mating connector/pod on the mount wiring.

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    More likely it's a mechanical thing. The 10-speed shifters are a different shape.
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