I recently bought replacement pads for my BB5 mountain disc brakes. They are Avid brand and come with a blue and a black pad. I am having toruble determining which pad is the moving pad and which pad is fixed. The original pads were both red.

The black pad is labeled as left which seems to mean that it would be outboard, against the cam mechanism and thus be the movable pad. Also the picture on the package clearly shows the black pad towards the cam mechanism making it the movable pad.

However, the instructions read, "Very important: Make sure you place the black pad on the inner side (towards the wheel) and the blue pad on the outside (away from the wheel.)...." which seems to conflict with the other information.

I also found one post that described the black pad as the cable adjusted pad and the blue as the dial adjusted pad, so I'm leaning toward the black pad being the movable one, but any help would be greatly appreciated.