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    Looking for a bike mechanic instructor in FL

    This is sort of a longshot, but I thought I'd give old internet a try...

    I'm looking for a bike mechanic instructor in/around the Boynton Beach, FL area... perhaps a mechanic at a local bike shop, a retiree, or just someone who really knows their stuff and would like to teach a relative newbie for a week "intensive" sometime in February.

    I live in North Carolina and am going to be coming down to visit my dad and grandmother. I figured this might be a wonderful opportunity to learn and immerse myself in something I truly have a passion for, while spending time with the people I love.

    I suppose I envision it as being a part-shadowing, part-teaching deal, and as such I would definitely want you to feel compensated for your time. I'd be ready to pay $350/$400 for the week, in addition to helping clean up around the shop(?) or do whatever work you need, run errands, etc. I'm also totally open to ideas about how to pay you appropriately.

    A little bit more about me: I'm 20 years old, spent my childhood in Delray Beach, and I now live in Carrboro, North Carolina. I became a licensed massage therapist at the ripe old age of 18 and have been practicing in North Carolina ever since! I work in a physical therapy and personal training clinic, where I have the opportunity to work with many athletes -- cyclists galore! I really love what I do.

    I'm also an athlete myself -- primarily a long distance runner. I fell in love with cycling about a year ago, and I'm having a blast combining the two. I'll be racing my first duathlon in April!

    If this sounds like something that might work out, please e-mail me @!

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    Most mechanics start out doing assemblies then apprentice in at a real shop. Knowing how to fix/adjust your own bike is usually a good start.
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