I figure I may have to rebuild my (not here yet) Daytona Ergos someday, so I went to the Chorus and Daytona schematics in the 2001 Spares manual, and think I can easily make a bearing version (a la Record and Chorus) out of the bushed (Daytona) version.

To wit

1. Replace the "axle" (for lack of a better name) EC-VL036 with an EC-RE435.

2. Replace the unnumbered Daytona bushing with two EC-RE026 Chorus bearings.

3. If the unnumbered shim immediately in front of the bushing on the Daytona is not an EC-AT061 (as in the Chorus), replace that too.

Voila! And if it works, it must be cheaper than the price difference between the two models when purchasing them.

Did I miss anything?