Does anybody have one of these? I've got one from '95 or '96 I can't remember - it's bright orange and was bought in Australia if that helps. It's unfortunately had a seatpost installed which is too small. It was shimmed but the shim must have moved down because I took out the post yesterday and the shim was way down, so the clamp is obviously overtightened.

The upshot is that I can't measure the seatpost diameter because everything is too small now (and I don't trust measuring the size of the shim either because it's just a bunch of rolled up plastic!

Could anyone enlighten me on the size of seatpost I should get for this baby? I went to the lbs and couldn't find one which fit. a 26mm was the closest but I think I would have had to bash it with a hammer to get it to go in. They didn't have anything smaller in stock except a 25mm post which is obviously no use to me.

I don't want to order a post without knowing the proper size but I don't know how to measure it, so I thought I'd take the long shot and ask if anyone has one of these frames.