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    Help with putting on new shifters

    I just got some new shimano indexed shifters and some new brakes too. However I'm not quite sure how to put them on. I took the old ones off by undoing the screw and bending the metal so that they would come off (They were completely destroyed anyway so I was okay with that). And it looks like the only way to put the new ones on is to take the grips off and slide them on from the end of the handlebar. Is this the right way to go about it? I don't see a way to slip the holders over the handlebars without bending them and then bending them back.

    If I do have to take the grips off and put them back on, what's the best way to do that? The manual that came with the shifters is pretty useless, doesn't say how to install them. Thanks.

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    You're right. You have to remove your hand grips to slide the new shifters and brake levers onto the handlebar.

    Removing them depends to a degree on what kind of tooling you have available. One way is to slip a skinny screwdriver under the grip and shoot in a blast of hair spray, like Aquanet, under the grip. Work to twist the grip a bit and it'll slide right off. When you go to reinstall the grip, wet the inside with more Aquanet first and slide it into place. Let it set overnight before you try to ride the bike or you'll get "throttle grip".

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