I need some help evaluating the condition of the quick release mechanism linked to the rear brakes of a 1993/1994 vintage bike. All the components are Campy Record, but I have not seen the bike, I have only communicated to the seller via email. The seller indicates that the quick release mechanism will not return to the unreleased position, so in order to ride the bike, he leaves the release in the released position and adjusts his brake cables accordingly. He keeps referring to a missing spring within the housing, but having looked at some bicycle mechanic manuals, I am not convinced that a spring is part of the mechanism that causes the release to pop back into normal position once the lever is squeezed. What I am asking for is a little explanation of how the mechanism works and whether the guts of the lever can be serviced to provide a repair for this problem and how easy/expensive this might be. I am trying to evaluate a purchase of the bike and whether I can expect to be able to correct this problem through servicing or whether a replacement assembly would be required. The bike is all 1994 Record and I would want to keep it that way. Thanks in advance for any help!