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    need help with modolo sidepull brake

    ok so i recently bought a bianchi campione d'italia and i've been learning and doing some maintenance. yesterday i replaced both tubes with the help of a few internet sites - that was really straight forward and pretty easy. however, i am having an issue with my front brake. i'll do my best to explain it.

    here is a pic of my rear brake for reference. the rear brake works properly.

    pic of the front brake removed

    basically, the front brake engages but does not disengage. after removing it, the spring assembly is working just fine so i'm thinking it's a cable issue.

    the part i pointed to with the red arrow is slipping out of that housing whenever i engage and disengage the front brake. i tried tightening the small screw on the side of the housing, but it still slipped out.

    1) i think the brake cable was sticking a little bit needs to be lubed. what should i use?

    2) what else could be causing this?
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    the brake pivot could be too tight or it might just be gummed up. Try lubing the pivot first to see if it loosens the brake up. If that doesn't work, the bolt should probably be loosened a smidge.

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