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    Anyone want to wrench in Nepal?

    A friend sent me this........

    An opp from for gear-heads like you...

    Can you fix a bike? Do you like working with teenagers? Do you need to get out of the USA? We're looking for volunteers.

    Wrench Nepal (www. WrenchNepal. org) runs a small bike shop here in
    Kathmandu, Nepal, that is operated by bike mechanic 'interns'-- Nepali
    teenagers who, for any reason, are in danger of entering adulthood
    without marketable job skills, or are otherwise at a disadvantage.
    There are over 400 homes in Kathmandu alone for children who have been
    orphaned or abandoned by their families. At the moment, we work with
    kids from a drop-in shelter and a group that supports the families of
    those in prison, with a seemingly endless supply of possible new
    interns: teenagers eager to learn a useful skill, to practice their
    English, and to become self-sufficient. With only one person training
    them, however, the shop cannot work with more than 2-3 people at a
    time. That's where you come in.

    We're looking for two people at a time to act as bike mechanic
    instructors and program organizers. Two positions are available to be
    filled immediately; the second shift will be open in May, when the
    current instructor's visa expires. The requirements are:
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    A good friend sent that to me last week... Seems like a very interesting (albeit potentially difficult) opportunity.
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    A very interesting place, Katmandu. My old magazine, the
    Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review (now owned by
    Dow Jones and no longer a weekly political and economic
    news magazine) had a part-time correspondent in Katmandu
    named Kadar Man Singh. Very nice guy who used to take visiting
    Review staffers on wonderful treks in the mountains. Not
    a great place for bikes, though. Bad roads and trails too.
    Most of the bikes there are from China and India. Very
    utilitarian and not top of the line utilitarian at that.
    Still an interesting opportunity for a young man seeking
    his first world adventure. Nepalese food is GREAT. Similar
    to Indian but a whole host of variant curries, just the
    thought of which are making me salivate.
    Good Nepalese and Indian food in Hong Kong too, a legacy of
    British colonialism. There were Napalese Gurkas stationed
    in Hong Kong for more than a century. Very good soldiers and
    very tough. They patrolled Hong Kong's borders with China
    in colonial days, attempting to stem the tide of refugees
    from China during the horror years of the 1950s and later
    during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76).

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