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    Am I Out of Luck? Need Tekrto band/clamp for aero lever

    Oops, goofed the title, I actually have some Tektro (not TekRto) road/aero levers that came off another bike. Either they were missing the band/clamp that attaches to the bar, or one of my kids has made a dress up ring out of it and has run off with it, and I cannot attach it to my drop bars now. It's this guy right here:

    I've tried a couple places that have said I'm just going to have to replace the whole lever (which isn't the end of the world) but I figured I'd see if anyone had a lead on where I could get small parts like that.



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    Did you email Tekrto?
    You could try a Dia Compe one, but I am not positive it will work. Have a look at Loose Screws' lever clamp page.

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