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    Bontrager Select Track hub; bad bearing?

    Before I start knocking out (and probably thus destroying) bearings, I wanted to ask: My front hub makes a skrrrrch (more dry than squeeky) sound when I get up out of the saddle and modestly waggle the bike back and forth while stomping on the pedals. I swapped wheels and it stopped, so I'm pretty sure it's the hub. The noise only occurs waggling one way, and when I turned the original wheel around, the noise switched to the other side. So I'm guessing a bad bearing on one side. Anything else this might be?

    Also, it appears the Bontrager site no longer has an owner's manual for their hubs available. Does anyone know of a source? I've looked at Barnett's for generic info but am not entirely confident I know what I'm doing trying to replace the bearings. (Yeah, I've read old threads here too. And Park doesn't cover it on their site.)


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    Try contacting Trek, Bontrager's owner, and see if they have any info. Otherwise, remove the current bearings and take them to any bearing supply or industrial supply house for replacements. Bike Tools Etc. also has sealed hub bearings and may be able to match your current ones.

    One warning, when you set the new bearings, press on the OUTER RACE ONLY. A socket that just clears the hub bore can be used as a setting tool.

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