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    should i get this?

    so i was lurking around craigslist and suddenly i found this roller

    it cost $50 and i think if i buy the new one it will cost about 160-170 if it is the same one as the roller below*

    however i want to make sure if i should really buy this or not, because i don't really know much about roller, does the drum still look good? how should i know if the roller is still good? what should i check?

    thank you,

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    Looks like a good buy. Main concern would be the belt and how
    easy it would be to replace. Likely a polyurethane round solid
    plastic with ends thermofused. A standard industrial item somewhat
    mysterious to those outside the loop. Secondary would be the roller
    bearings, but likely these are also standard sealed bearings and
    would have a very long life if they haven't dried out. Neither item
    is a major problem. Real problem is personal: would you use them?
    Rollers are an acquired taste. If you like to work out at health
    clubs or do spinning classes then they would be a good addition
    to your training regimen for those rainy days of winter.

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    This is probably the wrong forum. Maybe road biking?
    Joshua A.C. Newman,
    Passionate lover of construction

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