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    Increase axle-to-crown height on a fork?

    Is it possible to buy a shim or something to increase the axle-to-crown distance on a fork? Last fall I replaced a 100mm suspension fork on my Rockhopper with a so-called "suspension corrected" rigid fork. The rigid fork is Surly's Intigator fork, which had the highest axle-to-crown distance of any rigid fork that I could find at the time. I mostly like the result, but I've lost a centimeter or so of axle-to-crown distance, and I'd really like to get that back. I like having the rigid fork, but I don't like the effect of the steeper head-angle. My weight is too forward on the bike, and the effect on steering when riding through snowy and slushy streets this winter has been frustrating.

    Is there such a thing as a shim that I could put under the crown race on the fork, to effectively increase the axle-to-crown distance?

    Does anyone make a rigid fork with a greater axle-to-crown distance than the Instigator fork? I'd need one with rim-brake mounts.

    I've thought about buying a 29er rigid fork, but then the rim-brake mounts would be in the wrong spot.

    I have a stem with a 45-degree rise to it that I might mount on the bike. That might shift my weight back a bit, but it won't change the fundamental geometry of the bike.

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    I think Cane Creek makes a 5mm thicker than normal crown race that can be used to do exactly what you describe. Sorry I don't have a link, but maybe this can direct your search.

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