Anyone heard of problems with the spring in the DT hubs on these wheels? My rear wheel pawls stopped working at random the other day. I'd pedal but the wheel, she would not turn, kind of like freewheeling, but in THE WRONG DIRECTION! OK, I'm a little pissed, sorry for the shouting, but these wheels were not cheap. Back to the LBS that specc'd out the wheels for my bike which have not seen more than 500 miles or so. And they said that the spring that pushes the pawl out was possibly bad so they rigged up a temp fix with a spring from another hub - this worked only long enough to exit the shop since as soon as I was home when I tested it again it had the same issue.

Back to the shop the next day and they put in a new spring from another Zipp wheel while they are waiting to contact Zipp to find out if this is a known issue or if I had a lemon. I''m a little worried since I have an awfully long bike tour planned in less than two weeks. Pawl spring failures are not something I was a)planning on or b)have an easy way to fix in the middle of some Pennsylvania forest. Is this a common issue with wheels?