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    spoke tension question

    I have a set of Mavic Aksium wheels, about a year old, 1700 miles or so. They have worked perfectly for me and are round and true to my eye. They have bladed spokes.

    The other day I was changing the tube on the back wheel and just for fun, plucked the spokes. I'm not a wheel guy having never built or repaired a wheel, but I think I understand the basic principles.

    On the non-drive side, I was surprised at how consistent the note was. Not exactly the same pitch, but to my ear as a guitar player familiar with tuning strings, they were remarkably close.

    Except for one spoke that was a huge amount lower in pitch. Not exactly a "clunk" as opposed to a "ping" but much, much lower in pitch. Just this one spoke. I wiggled it and it's not noticably loose or broken, but you can feel it's not as tight.

    Should I bring it to a shop and have them check it out? Like I said, the wheel spins round and true, and I rode it this past week about 100 miles (first week riding of the season!) and had no issues at all.


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    Sounds to me like a loose spoke. Take the wheel to a shop and have them true it up. The longer you wait the more spokes will loosen.

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