Many thanks to ALL who helped me find a solution to my 2 Peerless Cyclone Bikes without twist grip speed controls, especially Bill Davis, who pushed me in the right electrical direction, and Tom Stormcrowe and F Thomas who found me the Chinese Suppliers web page, it was a three connection potentiometer that was missing and as I could see Ground marked on the PCB I only had 2 other choices for 5v and the slider, got it right first time, no thanks to Peerless though who couldn't even be bothered to acknowledge my emails

It doesn't seem to matter what ohmic value of pot you use as the variable resistor is just a potential divider.

Trouble is its peeing down here in Catalunya Spain and I am dying to get out on the road and test how fast they go and how far on a charge, but I didn't bring any waterproofs to Spain who would think it would be raining!!

Other than the bike being heavy I now have a bargain, thanks to Bike Form and its helpful members

Its nice when a forum can be so helpful I only hope that I can be of assistance to others

Best regards Stuart Windecopower