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    How to service CODA sealed cartridge hubs?

    Hey everyone, I have a wheelset with CODA Expert hubs that I'm trying to overhaul. The hubs have sealed cartridge bearings, and I'm not sure how to replace them.

    They're no locknuts on either side, and the axle doesn't seem like it would budge if I tapped on it. I suspect that I can pry off the black dust cap to access the bearings. Any ideas? (The only thing CODA is good for is Led Zeppelin albums.) Thanks.
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    Plastic seals are usually pretty easy to non destructively remove and replace.
    This should give access to the bearing races for cleaning, inspection and
    regreasing. Bearing replacement is rarely needed as bike service in the front
    wheel is not exactly a high stress environment for a sealed bearing.

    Removal of the bearings would require the largest allthread that
    will fit through the axle hole and some tubular pressors that would push on the
    axle on one side and the hub housing (to which the spokes attach) on the
    other. By tightening up the nut on the axle side the axle should be extruded
    out with the bearing. You then reverse the procedure to get the other
    bearing out. Then you find new bearings, almost always they are standard
    sizes, and install one bearing in the housing, put the axle in the bearing and
    install the other bearing. These are all press fit, with no great amount of
    force required just short lengths of tubing the right diameter.

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