I am quite disappointed in Shimano from a customer service standpoint. At what point do you stop taking support inquiries through e-mail?


After searching the Google for installation tips and coming up pretty dry, I turn to the seasoned vets in the BF Mechanics forum.

I have already installed the new Shimano Nexave RD-T400 rear derailleur, and I think I got it right, but I'm not sure. I had to sacrifice the cable housing in the process, but that's about it. The Nexave is unique though in that it has this weird swing-arm pulley thing cable guide that precedes the bolt where you fasten the RD cable down. It seems to make the cable rub against the RD itself, although the test ride was ok. After adjusting so the chain didn't come off the 30T gear while I'm clipped in, that is

Does anyone have any documentation for this model? I was unable to find it in Shimano's Tech Docs site. I just want to see if I have this thing installed correctly. Thanks for anything you may have.