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    Chain Pops Uphill...

    My beach cruiser's chain keeps popping out of the sprocket whenever I try to hammer it uphill. I always manage to get it back in place, but the rear tire ends up rubbing against the frame and i can't go on riding without adjustment. I check the sprocket and it still seems to catch straight with the chain and I just tightened the bottom bracket, so what is the problem exactly?

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    I'm assuming standard ol' coaster-brake construction.

    It sounds like the axle nuts aren't tight enough, which is letting your axle slip forward under heavy chain loading, when then makes your chain loose, the wheel crooked, etc. Ideal solution is to tighten the nuts up where that doesn't happen. But it may just not be possible to do that without stripping something off.

    Go to this page: Look for the "Banjo type" chain tensioner, and note that there's two or three others similar shown on the page. That is a partial solution. These things are intended to help adjust the wheel and chain while you tighten the nuts up. They might help hold things as well. Although I suspect that if you're cranking hard and those are the what's keeping your axle from moving, they may start messing up the axle threads as well.

    Seems like you had another post about the hills, and I suggested lower gearing- that would help somewhat here, as it would reduce the forward force required to generate a given torque on the wheel.
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