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Thread: A few Questions

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    A few Questions

    Hey guys,

    I got a Marazocchi Dirt Jam Pro Suspension's, and im fairly pleased with them,
    Other then i think something is broken inside it, or came off, or im not quite sure,

    So when im going for a Bunny Hop, or a Wheely, or just pull my front wheel up, it makes a sound, and its quit loud, i dont particulary need to listen, i can generally hear it, and it doesnt sound so healty.

    Basicly, did anyone ever expirienced this problem before?
    If not anyone know what this could be ?

    What i think is, the bit inside the suspension, what stops it fall apart, at the top when i pull up, i think thats warn out.. and the rubber bit on it is came off.. the too metal hits and makes a "clunk".
    Is this even possible ?

    Also i brought these "Spin Doctor Solid Rear Axle (Nutted)" - M10x135mmx185mm, If you've seen them before, or take a look at them :

    One side is slightly thicker at the miggle then the other side, Just want to make sure, wich way does this go into the hub ? I got Freewheel Cog, not Casset if that makes a difference

    Any help would be apprichiated.


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    My opinion is that you should take it to a qualified shop.

    I like my face the way it is, you know?

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