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    Pair spoke rim + non-paired hub

    I have a Bontrager Race Select rim that I would like to use a shimano xt disc hub with. I lucked out and found a 24spoke xt hub for cheap and throught I was set. Unfortunately I just realized that the bontrager hub is paired. Now I'm not sure how to figure out the spoke length I need for new spokes. It looks to me like I will need 4 different spoke lengths since one of each pairs of spokes will have to reach further.

    So how should I cope with this? Is there a reasonable way to figure out new spoke lengths?

    Since the xt hub has bigger flanges, I think I need to start with shorter spokes. I tried lacing the hub with old spokes to get an idea, but looks like existing spokes are of no use since I can't lace adjacent holes on the hub as one of the spokes wont reach

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    The Damon Rinard excel-based spoke calculator available from Sheldon Brown's website appears to have some functionaily to deal with paired spokes. Haven't used that feature myself though.

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