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    Mavic Crossrides - 2 questions:

    Just got these wheels for Christmas, and they're sweet! I love the way they look on the Trek 4300, and with semi-slicks mounted they make for a very fast wheelset. Anyway, having said all that I have a couple of questions:
    1. Do straight-pull spokes need to be stress relieved like regular spokes do?
    2. Do the cartridge bearings in these hubs adjust the same way cone-type hubs do?

    I'm not going to do anything until I get a few miles on the wheels and let them break in, but I'm curious about the two items above.

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    My understanding of wheel building is that the
    stress relieving is required because of the tendency of the spokes to torque during truing etc. and the elbow bend at the
    hub not allowing the stored twist to relieve itself. I would guess that
    straight pull spokes wouldn't need stress relief due to the
    fact that spoke head can freely rotate on hub.
    (Ok, experts, where did I mess up? ).
    Have no clue as to number 2 since I don't know the

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