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    Tektro RL520 linear pull lever questions


    I'm planning out a flat bar to drop bar conversion for my Kona Dew. I mainly commute on this, but also have started doing some weekend tours. This bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, and I've figured out that the RL520 are my best value for my project.

    For the bars plan to use On One Midge bars that flare outward and have a shorter drop distance. For shifters I'm looking at some ultegra 8spd bar ends, as they'll index w/ my rear der and friction will be fine for what I need up front.

    1) For brake cables, should I get a set of "road" cable and housing, or "MTB" style?
    2) For housing length, are their details on how to best route stuff under bar tape? With the bar end shifters and brakes, I'm not certain how it'll all shake out.

    I've run cable before, but always was replacing the same type/length as was on a bike previously. I also don't have much experience wrapping bar tape, so any tips are welcomed.

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    I've had good luck routing the shifter cable under the tape until the first bend, then exiting the tape and taking a gentle curve toward the cable stops. Brake cable for your aero levers obviously follows the bar, under the tape toward the stem.

    You may find that you need a "tandem length" rear derailleur cable if a standard length won't reach. Depends mostly on the size of your frame.

    Get "road" brake cable. The barrel end will fit in your brake levers.

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