So I have this Giant Rincon bike I have had since the early 90's never rode hard but left outside many times and has become a bit rusted over the years. Past 5 years though it has been housed in the garage. left Suntour x-press shifter broke. The thumb shift snapped right off. I assume the right one isnt to far behind so I would like to replace them both at the same time. I really prefer this style since it is all I am really used to. (this bike was my 12th birthday present alot of sentimental attachment) I have only had to replace the tires and chain so far in its lifetime.

I have been searching online but havent come across anything simlar to these x-press shifters. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I may find them or what would be compatiable/ compareable to my current ones? Left is 3 and Right is 7. Dont know alot of the lingo for the bike but have become really into riding it lately (hmmmm gas prices maybe)

Sorry if this has been posted before I didnt see anything recently so thought I would put it out there.