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Thread: Bent Hanger...

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    Bent Hanger...

    I discovered on my beach cruiser that the drive side of my hanger is bent in by the eyelets and the other side looks rather flexy as well. I think it's bent because it's made of a softer hi-ten steel and I'm probably putting it under too much stress by the axle nuts. How should I go about straightening it and will I still be able to ride it for the time being? This may be a cheap bike, but I'm going against the odds in keeping it running in excellent shape. Not too much of a challenge so far....
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    Ride away. If the axle nuts caused the bend then maybe the axle needs a
    washer or two inside the frame to prevent compressing the frame and
    bending it when tightening the nut. Usually steel frames are flexy enough
    for this not to happen. Or you could just compress the chain and seat
    stays together to the axle is not so loose in the frame. Steel is not too
    hard to cold set to a new spacing. Straighten with a 10-12" crescent
    wrench padded on the jaws. Do it carefully and the drop should
    straighten out reasonably easily. Eyeball set up should be adequate for a

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