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    Another New-bike squek issue

    Just got my bike and everything is fine so far, except for a squeak in the front wheel. Had to mount the front wheel myself, I'm thinking I should have added some lubrication there, but it seemed to already been done up with something. The squeak happens when I gently push the bike forward or backward, not while riding at any slow or fast speed.

    Anyway it's a disc brake mountain-bike with front suspension. The M485 disc brakes [shimano] as far as I know are two-piston models.

    Any ideas ? Something that may need some lube or anything, or should I put the wheel back on again ? Haven't had a bike since I was a kid, so I'm getting used to everything again Even thought the sound the bike makes when going a little faster is a problem, but now I'm just guessing it's the really fat mountain bike tires, combined with pavement and my 290 weight

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    Here's a few ideas that might help.

    If the wheels are new, you might try squeezing each pair of spokes a bit to even out the tension in the wheel. Spokes can creak and make 'ping' sounds.

    If the squeak happens when you're sitting on it and pushing without pedaling, you might try tightening your saddle bolts. You might check them anyway, just to make sure.

    Get down close to the hub and listen to it - see if the squeak originates from there. Dry hubs can squeak.

    Is the tire rubbing on the frame very lightly, somehow?

    If that didn't help, maybe someone else here has some ideas.

    Good luck!
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