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    Is this a crash waiting to happen?

    After 20 years of riding I finally took the plunge and bought my first tubulars. After much research, and a recommendation from the Easton tech rep, I bought Continental GP4000 tubulars and attached them using Tufo Extreme tape. It was supremely simple and the ride is sublime. What could go wrong?

    After only two rides for a total of 70 miles over mostly rollers, I did an inspection of the tires to make sure the tires the tufo tape was working. It's working great, but I have a question about the tires. I found what looks like base-tape separation in four places on the rear tire. Can anyone tell me if this is a crash waiting to happen or normal for tubulars? Normal for GP4000s?

    The four separations only appear on the rear wheel, and appear in four places, every 90 degrees, all on the non-drive side of the tire. I checked the drive side and there is only one separation, in the same spot along the tire as a separation on the other side. I don't know if this is a structural separation or just cosmetic. I'm running the tires at 110-115 psi if it matters.

    So I have a couple of questions for the tubular users out there:
    Is this tire faulty?
    Should I warranty it?
    Can I keep riding it as is?

    Thanks in advance!
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    When in doubt have it checked out! It may be that there is nothing wrong with the tire but if it is beginning to fail Murphy's Law states that all tires will fail in the middle of the sharpest turn or steepest descent and that can be bad for your health.
    It's better to burn out than fade away...or slip out of your pedal and face plant on the side of the road!!!

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