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    changing from 2 rings to 3

    Going to do some hill climbing in the near future and have been told I need to get more suitable gear ratio, possibly going with three rings or smaller inner ring.

    I have called my local shop and they are suggesting several possible ways to address this but most are pretty expensive. I have a FSA 52/36 on front and ultegra on back. Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailscycle View Post
    I have a FSA 52/36 on front and ultegra on back. Any thoughts?
    Are you sure about those chainring sizes? The 36 inner ring would seem to indicate a compact crank with 110 BCD. But compact usually have a 50 big ring instead of a 52.
    For us to give you a good recommendation it would also help to know the size of the cassette, smallest and largest cassette cogs.
    Usually the most cost effective way to lower gearing for a special event is to change the cassette and rear derailleur to mountain gearing. If you have a 10-speed cassette you will be limited on mountain bike cassette options, Shimano does not make 10-speed mountain bike cassettes but there are some available.
    If your inner chainring is indeed a 36 you could change it to a 34 but you would then need a 50 or 48 big ring.
    Going to a triple would require replacing the crankset, bottom bracket, both derailleurs, possibly new shifters (depending on what you now have) and probably a new chain.

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