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    just bought a rhoades car and it needs some work. (derailer question)

    First post on this forum, so be easy. Just bought a Rhoades car 2 seater deluxe a couple of days ago and got an awesome deal. It has every upgrade except a canopy and I got it for $100. It even has a motor on it (its the type the rubs on the wheel).

    it has been sitting in the rain for a little while and the chain and derailers are rusty (pretty much the only thing that is rusty). Also one of the derailers is bent and will not allow the chain to move. i dont know much about bike mechanics, and derailers scare me since there are so many out there. I dont know what the differences are. it currently has 2 SunRace 590 rear derailers on it. Is there a recommended replacement for these or am I not even asking the right question. i just want to get this dude on the road and this is the only thing preventing that. thanks for your time.

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    try replacing the chain first. when you remove the chain the dérailleur should go to the high gear (smallest gear). if they do that then they should work again. usually the chain is the problem here.

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