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    Headset Clicking

    Or clunking on some ruts. Just started the other day, and I seem able to replicate it by locking the front brake and rocking the bike -- so, headset loosened up. I see how to tighten it up on Parks website, but before I just tighten it, anything to watch for? Bike is pretty new (3 months/850miles), so I'm a bit surprised it'd be loose; but now that I think about it, I never did go back for that initial tuneup...

    Edit: While I'm asking, what is a good torque value for the stem? I looked, but did not see. Bontrager Select. I gotta justify that torque wrench that I bought...
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    Do not over tighten! You can do damage to the race and have a permanent "dent" in the race that forces your handlebars to a certain position (if you ride no handed ever). Very problematic.

    There should be a torque spec.

    It is normal for this to loosen up on a new bike. I would take it in and watch if you haven't done this before.

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