I want to raise the bars on my touring bike which has a 1" ahead headset. I really like the look of the satori easy-up but the only place I have seen it just has it for 1 1/8. The other options seem to be the delta raiser which is quite common


or the bbb bhp-20 stem raiser


The delta one looks simple and easy to install but Will leave a tube sticking out the top unless the full extention is used. The bbb one looks like it could be neater as the height can be set more exactly but looks more complex to install and I am not surre how it works. It seems to lock into the steerer tube with a quill type mechanism but then I cannot see how you would pre-tension the headset as the star nut would have to be removed and I assume the allen key nut in the top drives the quill?

Does anyone have any experience of the bbb raiser or other advice?