What's a good source for Campagnolo compatible hubs these days? Or maybe I don't need them.

Failure of rear bearings in Campy 10 speed compatibleRitchey Zero hub died in Ritchey Area offset whatever 28 spoke wheelset. OEM special design, no parts available. So I have strong heavy wheels with a non-functioning rear hub. Destined for a Paramount buildup as mid-weight tourer. I can

1. Get a different Ritchey hub to replace it? Given that the last one died . . . . A source for a rear Ritchey hub cheap?

2. Or I can look for reliable 28 hole hubs and rebuild with the rims, which have seemed bombproof. Thinking Campy Veloce, but I only see 32 - suggestions and source for inexpensive adequate alternative?

3. Have older touring wheelset: rims Campy Omega 32H 3x to 7 speed 105 Shimano - could get Campy Veloce or whatever hubs w/similar flange size & swap over. These rims seem good and the spokes are old school, so they should be fine. Only a few miles - maybe 8,000. I can take the risk of popping a spoke every now and then. Good idea? Source, suggestions?

I sort of hate to have proprietary wheels. Rather have something I can fix on the road.

I'm just finding the array of hubs and wheels a little baffling.