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Thread: rear wheel

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    rear wheel

    I recently purchased a Schwinn Le Tour road bike and removed the rear wheel to clean it. Now that I'm trying to put the rear wheel back on the bike, I'm noticing that the skewer/hub doesn't slide all the way back into the slot in the frame. I looked closely and there is a nice impression of the inside of the quick-release cap in the paint in this position, as if it was never all the way back in the frame where it would seem it should go. I looked on my Miyata bike and it looks the same, but the difference is that the Miyata has a screw and small metal piece that appears to be filling the gap between the skewer/hub and the end of the frame slot. Do I need to get filler pieces for this bike, should the skewer/hub be all the way back in the frame slot, or is it fine how it is?

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    Horizontal dropouts lets you adjust the fore-aft location of the wheel. There's no need for the screws except for making quick wheel-changes (4-seconds or less in a race). Just position the wheel so that the rim/tyre is centered between the chainstays and tighten the QR. The shifting, indexed and friction, works best with the cogs positioned directly over the rear-derailleur.

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