i disassembled a shimano unishift stem-mounted friction shift lever to clean it and now that it's time to put it on the bike, the screw isn't tightening all the way (the lever wiggles easily) and i'm afraid of stripping the head.
would anyone please be able to provide an exploded-view diagram or description of how the pieces go back together?

i believe the pieces (and my guess as far as order) are as follows:

1) screw
2) "cap" with jagged washer inside
3) thin washer with circular hole
4) slightly thicker washer with oval hole
5) cylinder wrapped in a coil with a tab on it
6) lever
7) thick washer with oval hole

7, 6, 5, and 4 slide onto an oval shaped, internally threaded "hub"
3 goes inside 2 and then 1 slides through and screw into the threads of the hub

When i took apart the other lever i dont remember #3 being there at all, but i dont want to take it apart again if i dont have to for fear of losing another part or disrupting a functioning lever.

Thanks in advance!